Long time no see

Well hello hello!
















Fuck me its been a long time posting on here! This times ive moved jobs, moved house and got engaged so…yeah been busy ;).

Right anyway whats been going on you ask? Well i sold the mx5 after moving to fife and the running costs being far too much for me (£20 a day on fuel O_O). So since selling that i got given my dads Xantia Diesel (MEGA NICE PARENTS!!!) which ment i could afford a second car to run as a drift project.

So i managed to find a local e36 328i with years MOT up for £700-800 odd’s, got hold of a local boy Andi Halkett who knows his stuff about e36’s. Went up and i barely spoke a word with Andi doing all the talking, it ended up him offering a cash deal and i handed over 550 notes and i was the owner of a 328i!!! After a dodgy drive back thoughts began on what to do next with the car, the horrible 17″s came off for some cheap e36 bbs’s, the car was stripped out and a luke harness and nardi wheel was fitted by Scotty Cummings!

Next up is a welded diff and a few other bits and bobs.





  1. I’m very sorry Shand! Also was great to meet you, had a good laugh. More posts to come

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